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How much time do you take to process our requirement?

How much time do you take to conduct a pre-move survey?

Around two to three hours.

Is Insurance required?

Absolutely yes, it is always safe to have an insurance cover as items can get damaged due to unforeseen circumstances like accidents or any natural calamities during the process of transportation.

What will be the normal value of the insurance coverage?

It depends upon the goods you are transporting and its actual value declared by you.

How long will be the process of packing and loading of goods?

In a normal case, a single room takes around two and half hours that could stretch to more due to some unforeseen contingencies.

Could you explain the kind of containers used by you?

We use close body containers of different sizes to suit your requirements.

How do you transport vehicles?

We transport any kind of vehicles with the help of our container trucks which are among the latest in the market.

In case of my vehicle, what items cannot be loaded with them?

Items like your pets, Liquids/Oils, Gas filled cylinders, inflammable items, pots.

What is the mode of payment with your company?

Mode of payment with us is very simple, you can pay us as per your convenience. We accept both Cash and Cheque.

Why should we hire you?

Because we have expirienced staff, good reputaion in the market, reasonable prices, quality packing material and satisfied clients throughout the country.